Hedonism Ink
Deirdre Bourdet, Chief Eating Officer

My passion for food, wine, language, and learning has dictated most of my life decisions.  In college I majored in French mostly because studying abroad was mandatorybut also because French had the fewest number of required credits, thereby opening up my schedule for classes in psychology, anthropology, English, Russian, Spanish, and anything else I wanted to pursue.  Once in Paris to study French language and history, I tacked on a cuisine diploma and oenology certificate from Le Cordon Bleu before returning home.  My work translating the French-language demonstrations at the school led to many enjoyable coupes de Champagne with the chef instructors, and a unique behind-the-scenes perspective.

After a few post-college years in New York City publishing, I returned to my native San Francisco Bay Area for law school and related dreams of a livable paycheck.  A gloriously brief BigLaw career in employee benefits litigation launched me north to Napa for a smorgasborg of legal work in business, real estate, wine, restaurant, and employment law.  In 2009, I decided to pursue my long-lost culinary school dream of writing for the food and wine industry, and founded Hedonism Ink in Napa Valley.  As Chief Eating Officer, my professional background, linguistic training, and unflagging enthusiasm for the fun things in life have at last found a happy confluence.

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